Monday, June 23, 2014

A lot has happened since January. ANYEYE has acquired several Eiki projectors and several more 16mm cameras. All of the equipment is intended to support the film and performance classes at Montserrat College of Art. Unexplained curriculum decision late in the spring semester effectively killed the performance and film classes for the fall. The result of this is that there will be no classes offered in film for the rest of the academic year. As the director of ANYEYE this is a major setback in the building of our program. It remains to be seen what will happen with performance this academic year since the brilliant and uber professional Sandrine Schaeffer will now be in Chicago for the fall semester.

ANYEYE will not be offering workshops this summer but has invited several film makers to come and perhaps generate work at the facility. We are working with the Gallery Director Leonie Bradbury and her Director of Educational Outreach Maggie Cavallo to develop a set of residency program guidelines which will hopefully  commence next summer.

So, we are on a slightly slower trajectory and will be looking for ways to monetize the equipment base to help support the residency program.

Look for a revival of the Random Orphan Film program this summer. We are continuing to acquire new films and want to create and build a culture around the viewing of projected cellulose acetate.

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