Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Experimenting with Animated Sound in Super 16

This is the new K3 setup for animating sound in the expanded image area. I am experimenting with how text that is layered and fattened can work as a variable area sound track when animated into the side of the wider super 16 frame area. Strips of text are cut and arranged so that the ascenders and descenders created a variable area between the lines.
 Text strips spiced onto a 16mm reel

The text is layered from Baudrillard's "System of Objects"

The text moves upward or downward in the narrow area on the right side of the template.
My first roll is still in the camera. I still need 2000 more images. Results some time next week.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Since Last Fall

Since Last Fall
ANYEYE has been growing internally since last summer's film series. There have been a number of ongoing projects worth paying attention to. The Random Orphan Film series has morphed into a Pop-Up series which will be happening in June. We will be on the road in July with a presentation at the Marblehead Arts Festival. This past fall we made a silent film presentation in Brian Pellinen's History of Film Class at Endicott College's Boston Campus.
Other project updates;
There are two pieces of equipment that are being developed for the lab. An contact printer has been built from a motorized sync block with an LED light source. Also, a simple optical printer has been built from an old Keyston projector linked to a Bolex with an time-lapse motor. The projector is driven by an arduino controlled stepper motor. There are a few details to work out but preliminary tests show that the device works quite well. pictures to follow.
We have been building an equipment base that could support next fall's film class at Montserrat. To this end we have acquired two Bolex Rex 3 cameras and a Kraznogorsk Super 16 camera from the Ukraine.