Monday, December 9, 2013

Chromaflex film workshop in Colorado Springs

This digital video was captured by film maker Bill Brand at the Alternative Measures Conference in Colorado Springs Colorado in late November. It represents a few moments from a 3-day workshop led by Richard Tuohy from NanoLab in Australia. It was a great event for proponents of shooting and making films with and without cameras. Enjoy

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Film in the basement. ANYEYE at Monsterrat

Film in the basement at Montserrat
Shot by Amy Lithimane on Tuesday Dec. 3rd.
Edited on HTC software as we unraveled and raveled our films.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


We just  returned from the Alternative measures conference/Festival in Colorado Springs Colorado. Saw many beautiful and provocative films. We learned a lot about the common issues facing filmmakers and the communities that they form to get their work done. There film makers from Brazil, Portugal, Canada, Austria,Germany, France, Korea, The Netherlands and America looking at films and teaching workshops for each other.
It was inspiring and invigorating and crazy fun. We learned a lot about hand made emulsions, creative development of print stock and contact printing. I learned so much that I will need talk more later.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Institute has been invited to a conference on
Artist-Run Fim Labs called Alternative Measures...

TIE - Alternative Measures: an investigation of artist-run film labs 
Wednesday, November 20, 2013  -
Sunday, November 24, 2013 

Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center
825 North Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
United States

TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition presents five-days of film screenings, lectures, receptions, panel discussions, a photo exhibit, installations and workshops. Fostering the transmission of knowledge and experience cross-culturally, Alternative Measures is a meeting place for scholars, film lovers, artist-run film labs, filmmakers, artists, curators and other creative minds. This internationally groundbreaking festival/conference is open to the public.

Ethan Berry has been invited to moderate a panel called "Problems In Placement"
This lively panel discusses placement issues and philosophical concerns associated with artist-run film labs. Hear from Ethan Berry, Ricardo Leite, Kevin Rice, Enrico Mandirola and others who have experience in handling a variety of issues that come with maintaining their own artist-run film labs.

Monday, August 5, 2013


We have just finished cataloging more than 300 films from the Kentucky Library System which were donated by an anonymous donor. Looking at our overall collection of more than 500 films it seems as if we have a pretty good time capsule of 1970's culture and values as represented in the Instructional, History, Social Studies and 
Guidance films in the collection. We hope that when we make the database available other film scholars or archivist will find some useful or relevant titles in our collection.

 Two film loopers which we fabricated last year were donated back to us along with two projectors. Thanks Juliana Stevens.

Our processing bucket system which we employed in the June Film Camp.

Some of the improved storage space which we cleared and reorganized this summer.

Our  "office" workspace at The Institute.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Real Film Camp
Instructor: Ethan Berry and Tara Meranda Nelson
June 10-14; M - F, 9 am - 4 pm
This is an opportunity to work hands on with Super-8 and 16mm film material. We will explore a variety of ways of image making on film ranging from drawing and scratching, to in-camera photographic techniques. Students will encounter and engage with the medium of film as the basic material for generating and presenting images. We will take advantage of the Super-8 and 16mm equipment available from the Northeast Institute for Analog Studies. The course will cover an intro to film, hand drawing, basic cinematography, camera operation, sound collage, hand developing black and white film, film slicing, video transfer, basic editing, and creative use of projectors, and  will culminate in a presentation of films.The primary prerequisite for this course is a willingness to experiment with ones own visual ideas. No previous film experience is required but is helpful.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

STORY TIME May 9th at 8 pm. in room 201 in the Hardie Building

Join us at the Institute for an evening of films that are based on childrens books on May 9th at 8 pm.

This group of films is curated by Montserrat senior Georgia Bolender. Georgia is an animator and gifted story teller. She has gone through our collection of films to pull out a group of films that tell stories through animation that may have originally been aimed at children. The link between all of the films is the way that they employ animation. Quite often simple but always effective, these films are great examples of the art of animation simply applied to art story telling.

Saturday, March 23, 2013



at Montserrat College of Art

artists talk at 11:30 am.

Under Your Skin: The Artist Body in Film, is a series of screenings and visiting filmmakers considering the role of the artist’s body and how it relates to moving image. 

ABOUT LUTHER PRICE'S FILMS...Memory, Possession, Truth, Language, Solitude, Cigarettes, Suicide and Trust. Disorder, Reconstruction, Out takes and tape. Pin hole, Retrospective, Performance and Velvet ... Obsession, Creation, Addiction, Introverted, Reflection, Moving Element ... Subject Matter, Day Dreams, Sailors and Anger, Failure, Remorse ... Permanent Desire, Documentation, Lip Synch, Animation ... Static, Procrastination, Dissolve and Fade. Distortion, HomoErotic Collaboration. Habitat, Transformation, Hieroglyphic, Consideration ... Liquid and Fat ... One Track Minded Mental Block. Unresolved Reality, Ordinary Restriction. Volatile Combination, Desire, Presentation Meaningless Evidence, Situation Imagination and Dream ... Pigment, Punch Holes, Ashes and Swirl ... Soundtracks, Pealing, Ribbons Twirl, Maggots and Pink. Comas and Cameras, Liquid Vignette ... Juxtaposition, Frame Line, 500 Watts ... Cerebral Hemorrhage, Head Vomit, Project ... Make Believe Glamour, Glitter and Tonic, A Time Sorted Occasion, A Pleasant Worth While Episode, A Relaxed Flabby Eyelid ... A Silver Funeral ... and Birthday Cake
- from the Canyon Cinema Catalog

Creating new works from old documentaries, snippets of Hollywood film and other cinematic detritus, LUTHER PRICE ties the re-edited footage together with an often brutal electromechanical noise.

Screening: Thursday, April 4, 7-9pm, Room 201, Hardie

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Organized by the Visiting Artist program and curated by Tara Nelson, this program brings film makers from across the country to our Spring Film Screening Series.

The Extravagant Shadows
A beautiful discourse on language and time, David Gatten’s award winning film shows the filmmaker painting a window with different pigments in real time, while literary excerpts emerge on the screen.
Screening: 2-6p, Saturday, February 23

Under Your Skin: The Artist Body in Film
Curated by Filmmaker Tara Nelson, Under Your Skin is a series of screenings and visiting filmmakers considering the role of the artist’s body and how it relates to moving image.

Jennifer Montgomery

Montgomery's films explore the complex psychological struggles with identity, control, and sexuality that are inherent in human relationships. Her recent feminist autobiography explores
"innocence of guilt and the guilt of innocence".
Artist Talk: Friday, February 1, 11:30a
Screening: Friday, February 1, 7-9p

Victor Faccinto

Faccinto’s films may have been described as psycho-erotic cinema, but the intention is not to alienate audiences, but to work as personal, psychological explorations.
Artist Talk: Friday, March 1, 11:30
Screening: Friday, March 1, 7-9p

Luther Price

Creating new works from old documentaries, snippets of Hollywood film and other cinematic detritus, Price ties the re-edited footage together with an often brutal electromechanical noise.
Artist Talk: THURSDAY APRIL 4, 11:30a
Screening: THURSDAY APRIL 4, 7-9p