Monday, August 5, 2013


We have just finished cataloging more than 300 films from the Kentucky Library System which were donated by an anonymous donor. Looking at our overall collection of more than 500 films it seems as if we have a pretty good time capsule of 1970's culture and values as represented in the Instructional, History, Social Studies and 
Guidance films in the collection. We hope that when we make the database available other film scholars or archivist will find some useful or relevant titles in our collection.

 Two film loopers which we fabricated last year were donated back to us along with two projectors. Thanks Juliana Stevens.

Our processing bucket system which we employed in the June Film Camp.

Some of the improved storage space which we cleared and reorganized this summer.

Our  "office" workspace at The Institute.

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  1. Hi, I am a filmmaker and I just stumbled on this site and am interested in building my own film looper. I am wondering if you have any specs/instructions for the one's you built that you would share with me? If so, please contact me directly at 0johndavis0[at]gmaildotcom. Thanks!