Thursday, December 29, 2011

January at the Institute

We look forward to several specific events in January along with some unstructured activity as well.

THE RANDOM ORPHAN SERIES. On Saturday January 14th at 7:30 pm we will be presenting films from our Random Orphan Series. We will continue to show films from our collection chosen primarily at random. Although our method is less rigorous than say, John Cage we will nonetheless leave the choice of films for showing up to the whim of the first audience member arriving. January 14th 7:30 pm.

ONE REEL CHALLENGE. The Institute will continue to solicit film makers to make one reel Super-8 films. Which we will process and show on site. So far, Kathleen Brennan, Joe Shepard have taken the challenge. There are still two challenge rolls of Tri-x out there waiting  to be shot. Ongoing with Matthew and Dan.

A DAY AND AND EVENING OF FILM. This event will bring together Boston based film makers to make a film in a day. This will involve shooting processing, editing and projecting a film in a day in January. Dinner will be served.TBA soon.

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