Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Random/Orphan Show

We screened three films; "Tilt," "Love To Kill" and "God's Monkey".
The first two were civics lessons.
Tilt" was a National Film Board of Canada animation about the worlds resources and what we can (or can't) do about preserving them. Blithely liberal, it took no positions. A committee job co-produced by the World Bank in 1972.
"Love to Kill" was a Values Lesson couched in a youth vs. elders story of camp kids who want to set free the buffalo. Strangely re-edited from a longer film by Stanley Kramer. Featuring familiar but forgotten actors from the 1970's. Jeeps, Horses, guns, kids, older guys and horses.
"God's Monkey" is ostensibly an Art History film. It changes into a subjective, zealous and almost paranoid interpretation of the Hieronymus Bosch painting "Garden of Earthy Delights" Preposterous and wonderfully mad.

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