Monday, February 21, 2011

La caméra Pathé est fixé

The reccently purchsed 1950's era Pathe' Webo Super 16 camera is now working. I spent the better part (the morning) of two days disassembling the shutter mechanism. I discovered the botched work of the previous owner who mis-assembled the mechanism and over tightened a crucial screw. It now hums like the fine French machine that it is. I shot a test roll of Tri-X today.
This camera is history to me, I saw a production still of Agnes Varda working on one of her films with a Pathe'. I remember Pathe' newsreels which often preceeded the feature film at theaters when I was younger. Pathe' essentially founded the French film industry. I like to think that Eric Rohmer used a Pathe' Yet there is something forlorn about this camera. Like the Citroen or the Peugeot they have not quite made the transition into the era of solid state circuitry. Which is why I guess, the Institute is interested in having a camera like this. Pourquoi ne pas?

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