Thursday, June 23, 2011

Infinite Format Film Show at 17 Cox

Thanks to all of the folks who showed up the the inaugural film show at the 17 Cox Art Center. It was a long program of films which started at 6 pm. and continued until 10 pm.. We screened work by Super-8 workshop participants Emily Pardoe, Christopher Stepler, Zak Goldstein, Len Thomas Vickory, and Brandon Phelps. The Main show featured the work of Boston film makers Tara Nelson, Gordon Nelson, and Paul Turano also featured in the Main show was the work of recent Montserrat graduate Kathleen Brennan.We appreciate the viewers who showed up for both screenings and especially those who stayed for both. Screenings are particular events that have a theatrical quality to them. This one was pretty intense. It seemed as if the audience was watching very closely. The group stayed connected right up to the final film. Again, we appreciate this very much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eclair update

Elclair NPR batteries are done scratch tests show flawless film.  The remaining functions of the mags, lens and film transport will be revealed after todays test rolls.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recent Acquisition; Eclair NPR 16mm camera

Not a silly blunderbuss but a classic piece of film history. All I know is that this camera came from the west coast. I imagine this camera at Altamont or Monterey. This is like the first camera I ever rented in the 1970's. Although it seemed a lot smaller then. Thanks to John Cairnes at Van Ness Creative for helping me check over it. It needs batteries but is complete in every way and ready to shoot the first test roll next week. Also thanks to John and Paul Van Ness at Van Ness Creative for a raw stock donation.